Joani Plenty is a bestselling author whose story, “Forty’fied” was featured in the international bestseller ‘Embracing Your Authentic Self’.  She is a coveted motivational speaker, actress, story teller, mother, wife and lover of life.  Joani is also a die-hard advocate of Attention Deficit Disorder, Aspergers, Anti-Bullying and random acts of kindness.  One of her true passions is inspiring others to follow their dreams and take risks; emptying their bucket lists along the way. Joani benefits from her fears by using them to motivate, educate, and alleviate along with a strong dose of humor.

Joani wrote the ’5 Keys To Self-Sabotage: A Woman’s How-NOT-To Guide’ and is a member of Coachville, NAFE (National Association for Female Executives), Women Speakers Association and the founder of The Giver Games™.  She is also a featured contributor for 30Second Mom, and has been featured by the site as their expert on bullying as well as The Ricki Lake Show’s social media community, ‘Friends of Ricki’.  Joani’s anti-bullying chats “Bullying From The Bully’s Perspective”, have reached over 5 million Twitter impressions in a single 1-hour chat on Twitter.  Joani is a social media quarterback and has been nominated for the 2012 Nations United Social Media Award, attended the new Ricki Lake Show for “The Power of Social Media” segment in 2012 as an expert on social media.  She was also the social media strategist that helped Dr. Christina Hibbert’s debut book, “This Is How We Grow”, become a #1 bestseller within just a few hours.

At a pivotal moment in her life, Joani decided that she was no longer going to waste time trying to decide what one thing she wanted to do with her life…she was going to do it ALL and no longer care what other people thought! “It’s not about what other people think you can or cannot do. What matters is that you’re doing something or everything that you love. You won’t do any one thing that your heart isn’t in better than 20 things that you love.” Joani’s talents lie in the arts; film acting, voice-over acting, dancing, singing, writing, fashion and graphic design. A true right-brain thinker.

Joani’s spare time is spent coming up with new ideas, helping others with social media marketing (especially book release campaigns), horseback riding and introducing her children to her “childhood” so that she can live it all over again.  Playing jax, wishing the lights would go out during a thunderstorm (then turning them out anyway), playing in the rain and singing in the mirror with her “hair brush microphone”. Joani is a regular writer of children’s books, YA  and thriller novels though she loves and writes in many genres, including self-help.

Joani lives in NJ with her husband, the children doctor’s told her she would never have and “Phil”, the groundhog who lives under the shed.