Where Can I Get More Fear?!

Though I received extremely bad news of a family emergency last Fri., you would never know it…I’m still me.  I talked to one of my very first twitter friends, Valerie Haight (@valeriebrbr), over the phone (and everyone KNOWS how much I despise talking on the phone…don’t have 5 min. to eat let alone time to talk) but she made me feel great about being me when many are so good at being something else.  I thought maybe I was the “odd woman out” and should try to contain myself…that this is what everyone had to do for the sake of business.

But it didn’t feel good.  And I’ve always been the first person to say that if it doesn’t feel good…then it’s NOT good!  My “gut gauge” is rarely wrong.  So, I stopped allowing others to live rent-free in my head and focused on my novel, a few projects I’ve been asked to take part in as well as my birthday, (you’re invited too!  I’ve placed more info below about my ‘Random Kindness Rally’ 3/15).  Not to mention a new site launch and starring in a stage production hoping to find time to run lines.  #grateful

Right after that quick and awesome call, I watched a video showing the inspiring launch of  www.30secondmobile.com and felt even better about my business decisions and the hard work that it’s taking to bring them to life!  But what I’m doing, following my dreams, is not the norm, unfortunately.  While some are taking the stairs, others allow the elevator to go by because there are so many taking the same elevator or they waste time wondering which is best…waiting for the next elevator or taking the stairs (click here for full elevator analogy).

Take it from me, GO FOR YOUR DREAMS!!  I promise you will not regret it or be “worse” off than you are right now!  I mean, you can always go back to just dreaming so what have you really got to lose, right?  Like “they” say: A goal without action is just a wish.  What seems like a scary step or jump due to sacrifices and hard work (especially if you’re sitting there saying, “I have no idea where to begin and I don’t have any extra money, Joani Jackass!”) you’ll find that the resources are all right there in front of you (Google is my BFF) and the hard work doesn’t seem like work at all because you are going to love doing what you love!

Yes, there will be tons of sacrifice but trust me when I say that your imagination is like kryptonite when it comes to thoughts of what may go wrong.  The more creative your imagination is about what “may” happen, the more you know that you should really be doing what you love.  ‘F’ fear!  I know that’s a strong word (or…um…letter) but it’s THAT serious!  Are you going to allow one word…one feeling to come between you and ten words  that describe how you feel when you are doing what you love?  Acknowledge the fear but use it to motivate you.  Tell yourself that the more fear you feel; the more reason you have to go for it!  Because people without passion don’t have that strong sense of fear.  THEY are the ones who may be unsuccessful, but you…you should ENCOURAGE fear.  Hope to have so much fear that you need an Rx for motion sickness!  Hope to  have so much fear that your hair turns white!  Because only then will you know that you have the passion needed to get what you want!

Here are just a few small (but important) tips to help you get started:

  • Take a step…any step, each day toward your goal.  No matter how small.


  • Stop avoiding crutial parts of the process like creating a Twitter account (or using the one that you have) because you don’t know much about it or how to use it.  TWITTER WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE and speed the ride to your goal!  We (my  tweeps) are here to help not hinder.  I’ve never seen a more positive and supportive social site in my life!  I say it all the time but it sometimes falls on deaf ears because you won’t know the impact of the Twitter pool until you dive in!


  • Feel the fear and do it the hell anyway!  You’ve got this…you DO!

Whatever you need to do to stay motivated…do that!  Listen to the effin ‘Rocky’ theme song (Gonna Fly) 5 times before breakfast if that’s what it takes.  Then say, “Is that ALL the fear that I have?!  I KNOW that I want this badly and I know that I’m passionate…so, if fear indicates passion, PUHLEAAASE tell me that I’m going to feel more fear than THIS!”

Then, finish your bowl of ‘Frankenberry’ and go for what you KNOW!


It’s the…eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight.  Rising up to the *den neh neh neh nah naaaah*!  And the last known survivor of the *den neh neh neh…dun dun dun dun dun dun dun* the eeeeeeye…of the tigerrrr!



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2 thoughts on “Where Can I Get More Fear?!

  1. Aaaaah, how I love Rocky and Frankenberry!!! Joani, you are the most dynamic and beautiful creature. Full of wonder and amazing talent and you fill my heart with awesome.

    You have no idea how much impact our convo had in my life as well! To share cartwheels with such an amazing woman was sheer joy and did wonders for my momentum. Not only last night (dinner, landscaping, ran four miles, etc.) but in all things writerly and human as well. You refilled my spirit, tanked my soul. And I love ya.

    Yall watch this one close…she’s going places fast!!


    • *sniff* Aaaaw, thank you Valley Girl! To even take the time to comment let alone use such descriptive words to make sure that I understand just how much it meant to you, means so much to me!! Not only was it great to talk openly with someone so like-minded but I rarely get a chance to discuss writing with other writers. To hear all about your exciting book release, where you are in the process and that you like my current book series concept was SO nice!! We need to do it more often.

      “You refilled my spirit”…LOVE this! Just call me “bartender”!!!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you and I love you too!!

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